how to build the best network possible


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What are we going to cover tonight?

Let’s start small

Image of Pan


A bluetooth connection image

Think of Bluetooth systems

Radio Frequency Identification

Near Field Communication

Now onto the whole house

You will likely be familiar with these LAN and WLANs.

LAN Party

So what’s a VLAN?

VLAN Setup

We’ll skip CANs

Tin of Beans

Straight to MANs

Group of Men

Who here has played WatchDogs?


Lancaster has built up the Future Cities Institute to research precisely this

Back to CANs and WANs

Time to complain about the Uni System…

What about WWAN?

Whats a DSL?

Networking Theorey

Who’s heard of the following phrases:

When should each of these be used?


Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud

Just for Networking?

How to Hybrid Successfully

Buses, Stars, Rings and Mesh

Bus, Star, Ring and Mesh

Networking Models and why they are kinda pointless



Why Though?

Bus Network Model


The most common type by default

Star Network Model


For when some redundancy is not enough redundancy

Mesh Network Model


Like a Bus but slightly better

Ring Network Model



Why nearly every network is a Hybrid Model

How have these networks been designed?

I’m going to give you a demo of Cisco Packet Tracer.

Here we are going to set up a star network consisting of one router, one switch and two PCs.

Cisco equipment is the gold standard of networking.

Speaking of Cisco

Tonight we have covered some areas of the CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate qualification.

Specifically we have looked at:

And we started to touch on:


We have already covered areas like:

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